Lions Centenary Legacy Project- Wheelers Hill Buddy Benches

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In line with LCI Guidelines and suggestions to assist promote our Centenary, Wheelers Hill Lions accepted the challenge to undertake a Lions Centenary Project. This project was to purchase, assemble and install “Buddy Benches” at 12 primary schools in Wheelers Hill, Glen Waverley and Mulgrave. 

It was considered that the concept behind these “Buddy Benches” would prove a most worthwhile addition to any school grounds, hence the instigation of this project. 

The “Buddy Bench” concept originated some time ago in North America, and was considered a means by which young students could seek support without having to approach school staff or a special friend. The hope is to encourage children to ask for help when they are troubled. It is considered that it provides an ideal solution to bullying in schools and it provides fantastic positive reinforcement of the anti -bullying messages to children in schools and the community in general. 

Assistance of teachers and the overall school community is of course essential to accomplish this and get the message through to students. The bench concept has played an important role in students feeling of belonging and being connected in their school environment. 

The effect of installing these benches at 12 schools, which currently have a total student enrolment of 4,925, will be multiplied many times over (whilst the benches remain) as the years roll on and students continue to move in and out of primary schools. Overall this was considered by Wheelers Hill members to be a most worthwhile project to remind large percentage of our local community that Lions International proudly celebrated its Centenary in 2017. 

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