ALF Limited Directors

Chairman and Director ‘V’ Districts
PID Tony Benbow (Sue)


Deputy Chairman - Treasurer and Director ‘W’ Districts
PDG Allan Cooper (Wendy)


Grants Chairman and Director ‘N’ Districts

PDG Ken Hallam (Christine)


Secretary and Director ’T' Districts
VDG David Triffett (Carolyn)


Promotions Chairman and Director ‘C’ Districts
Lion Yvonne Bradford
 (PDG Ken)


Awards Chairman and Q District Director
PDG Leslie Lyons (PDG David)



Six Directors administer the Foundation and serve in a voluntary capacity. The Trustees meet regularly to conduct the business of the Foundation where they review, consider and make decisions on:

• Applications received for Grants Funds Assistance for various projects.

• A comprehensive set of current financial reports.

• The effectiveness of promotional and fundraising activities (all ‘in-house’) and consider new strategies.

• Reports from all Trustees and Sub Committees

• Current investments and investment strategy.

Between meetings, the Trustees are required to:

• Consider applications for Emergency Grants and to urgently provide funds to Clubs and Districts to promptly assist people affected by Storms, Floods, Bush Fires, Droughts, Earthquakes, etc.

• Investigate and review all Grant applications.

• Promote the objects of the Foundation to Lions Clubs and Districts.

• Maintain contact with District ALF Chairpersons

• Answer all enquiries regarding the Foundation.

• Carry out the duties of their specific ALF portfolios.

Further information can be obtained from the District ALF Chairperson or the ALF Trustee for your State.

Lions Foundation Trust Deed

• Provides help and assistance in all forms for public relief, emergency aid and community welfare for persons in necessitous circumstances in Australia.

• The Deed is funded by designated and undesignated Voluntary Gifts from Lions Clubs, Lions Districts and the Public and Interest from Designated Investment Funds as determined by the ALF Trustees from time to time.

• Gifts of Two Dollars ( $2.00 ) or more are Tax Deductible.

• Six Trustees representing each State/Territory manage the affairs of the Foundation. The Trustees meet four times per year to review all the affairs of the Foundation and to consider all applications for assistance that have been received since the previous Trustee Meeting.

• Clubs and Districts are encouraged to submit applications, [understanding that there is no guarantee of its success] to the Foundation for assistance for intended projects of any size. The Foundation does not provide complete funding for any project. The goal of the Foundation is to assist the applicant Club or District, [subject to Foundation Grant Guidelines and ALF funds available] if they do not have sufficient funds to carry out the project. The decisions of the Trustees are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

• The Foundation makes Emergency Funds available to Clubs and Districts to immediately assist people affected by Earthquakes, Floods, Bush Fires, Droughts etc. The Foundation also assists the MD Council of Governors, when requested, to administer National and International Appeal Funds.

• Funding of the Australian Lions Foundation comes from gifts by Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs, Zones and Districts, Individuals, Bequests and Interest Earned from Investments.

• The Australian Lions Foundation has an Award Program that Clubs and Districts can participate in by sending an undesignated gift to the Foundation. These Awards are available to Clubs and Districts who wish to recognise and honour an Individual or Group, including non–lions.

• The Trustee for the Australian Lions Foundation ABN: 41 413 803 073

For further information contact the Australian Lions Foundation Secretary
Lion David Triffett

P.O. Box 465,
Tas 7010

Board of Directors

Back Row: PDG Glenn Herbert (Assistant), ID Tony Benbow – Chairman, David Triffett – Secretary, PDG Allan Cooper – Treasurer

Front Row: PDG Lesley Lyons – Awards, PDG Ken Hallam – Grants, Yvonne Bradford - Promotions

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