ALF Limited Directors and Administration

In June 2016, the ALF formed a new entity to be called the “Australian Lions Foundation Ltd”.

This change occurred to allow the Foundation to meet all relevant state fundraising and legislative requirements. The administration and purpose of the Foundation has not altered, except that the former Trustees are now Directors of the ALF Limited.

The Australian Lions Foundation Limited (ABN 14 612 099 840) has the overall responsibility for the operations of both the original Foundation and the new ALF Limited.

The original Australian Lions Foundation is managed under a Trust Deed (ABN 41 413 803 073) still operates within the new structure. Its specific purpose now is to provide assistance to those in ‘necessitous circumstances’. This Trust Deed holds the Foundation’s ‘Gift Deductibility’ status for public donations.

The diagram below shows the structure of the Foundation.

You can also view a full size image of the foundation structure.


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