Compassionate Grants

Compassionate Grants are provided to assist Persons or Families in necessitous circumstances. This may be by the provision of medical aids, equipment or cash to provide relief from hardship. A Compassionate Grant is a Grant of funds to a person or families who are suffering financial hardship through illness or other necessitous circumstances judged worthy by the Directors. Applications from a Lions, Leo or Lioness Club, Zone, District or Lions Multiple District 201, will be reviewed by the Directors and a decision advised.

In the first instance the applicant should contact the "Chairman of the Australian Lions Foundation Ltd." explaining details of the circumstances.

Download the Compassionate Grant - Procedures (Updated May 2017)
Download the Compassionate Grant - Application Form (Updated March 2018)
Download the Compassionate Grant - Accountability Form (Updated March 2018)

Notes: These are writable forms but may not display as writable in all browsers. For best results download the form to your PC, open and edit the form then SAVE. Attach the saved file to an email and send to:

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